A Review Of The Linear Accelerator Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer Treatment

In the past patients who were diagnosed with breast cancer had limited types of treatment but today things have changed. There are many types of treatment available, and the patient can undergo more than one type of treatment program. The first step after the diagnosis is to plan for your treatment with your specialist or doctor. The most common type of breast cancer treatment is surgery which is determined by the stage of cancer so that the doctor can remove the tumor. Before the surgery, treatment begins there are a lot of things that doctor and the patient need to discuss. It is vital for the patient to understand why they have to go through the surgery process and the steps involved.

They should also be aware of the possible risks and what to expect after the surgery. The other type of treatment is the chemotherapy where the specialist applies some medicine into the patients' bloodstream to attack the breast cancer cells. In most cases, the chemotherapy is administered to patients before they undergo surgery and after the surgery so that they can prevent re-occurrence of the cells in future. Radiation therapy is another popular form of cancer treatment program which uses the linear accelerator machine. The radiation stops the further reproduction of cancer cells and saves the damaging of the healthy breast tissues. The main aim of radiation is to treat breast cancer completely.

The linear accelerator produces high-energy radiation which destroys the cancer cells, but it can cause minimal damage to the patient's skin but is beneficial in stopping the production of the cancer cells. The doctor can suggest linear radiation acceleration therapy for patients when they are not sure if the removal of the tumor is not the best option for treating cancer. It is best used to patients whose breast cancer has spread to the bone structure or other parts of the body like the brain or in situations of cancer re-occurrence. There is no pain experienced during linear accelerator radiation therapy for breast cancer, but some patients experiences come side effects. Some of the side effects include discomfort on the skin and dryness, fatigue, and reduction in the blood count. It is crucial to undergo blood tests on a regular basis to check on the blood. The breast cancer patient ought to be keen on having a healthy diet and should take extra care to the affected part. There are many types of breast cancer radiation therapy that can help in treating breast specialist Malaysia.

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